AKT Biotek History

“AKT Biotek” founded by a group of qualified professionals with the focus on supplying innovative products and quality services to the customers in Life sciences industry. We are a team of dedicated professionals with post graduate qualification in Biosciences, Management and having rich experience in the industry. We have 12 years of working experience in different multinational companies. We have worked with the companies like BD Bio sciences, QIAGEN, Biolegend, stem cell, Lifetech, Roche, Cell signaling and Kapa Biosystems.

We have handled sales of complete range of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Proteomics products and also we have promoted Flow Cytometers, Fragment Analyzers, qPCR and PCR instruments, DNA, RNA Extraction systems. We have complete knowledge of south Indian Life science industry and experience of selling different product range. Currently our major business focus area is providing complete solutions to Life Sciences Industry and Diagnostics industry majorly focusing Government and private Research Institutes, Seed testing labs, CROs and Biopharma Companies.

Our Team

M.Shashidhar Reddy

12+ years experience in working different multinational companies. Worked in Roche, Life technologies, BD and QIAGEN.

G.Sudhakar Reddy

10 years experience handling different brands like Biolegend, Cell signaling, Stem cell technologies, Kapa Biosystem.

G.Rajesh Chandra

Worked in various Market Research companies in UK (Quaestor, ORC International, Envoy), and global operations of IT companies in India. Managing the operations and strategies for AKT Biotek.

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