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We have handled sales of complete range of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Proteomics products and also we have promoted Flow Cytometers, Fragment Analyzers, qPCR and PCR instruments, DNA, RNA Extraction systems. We have complete knowledge of south Indian Life science industry and experience of selling different product range.

Currently our major business focus area is providing complete solutions to Life Sciences Industry and Diagnostics industry majorly focusing Government and private Research Institutes, Seed testing labs, CROs and Biopharma Companies.

Our Products


Explore next-generation sequencing products for analyzing microbial genomes, environmental samples, ...


Proteomics is the systemic bioinformatics study of proteins and amino acids, including their structure ...

Liquid Handling

Multipurpose liquid handling automated workstations are tools designed to do much of the sampling, ...

Plastic Ware

Rely on plastic beakers for a safer alternative to glass, especially in larger sizes. They won’t, chip or shatter ...


Choose from a growing family of benchtop equipments designed to meet the needs of your specific applications. With ...

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